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About the Author Scott Bestul is a Field Editor for Field & Stream and has been with the magazine since 1993. The author of three books, including The Total Deer Hunter Manual and a widely published freelance writer, Bestul has bow-hunted animals of every sort across the US and Canada. The Wisconsin native now makes his home in the rugged bluff country of southeastern Minnesota with his wife Shari and teenage twins Brooke and Bailey. Dave Hurteau is a Senior Editor for Field & Stream magazine, specializing in bow hunting. He is the co-author of The Total Deer Hunter Manual and contributed The Total Fishing Manual and Total Gun Manual. He lives in upstate New York with his wife and two sons, and hunts as often as he can. Read more Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved. TIP 125: TRY A COMPOUND CROSSBOW   Crossbow makers took the same design concepts used in compound bows and applied them to the crossbow. This style of crossbow is the most popular on the market right now.  ADVANTAGES EFFICIENCY Thanks to their wheels or cams, compound crossbows store and transfer energy more efficiently than recurves do. COCKING EFFORT Able to produce more speed with less draw weight, compounds are usually easier to cock than recurves. PROFILE Compounds have shorter limbs, making them easier to maneuver in close confines. VARIETY Manufacturers make compound crossbows in a wide range of styles, draw weights, and prices. You can shop until you find the perfect bow to fit your budget.  DISADVANTAGES MAINTENANCE Virtually every service needed on a compound crossbow (including changing the string) will require the use of a bow press. For the majority of hunters, that means a trip to the pro shop. WEAR AND TEAR A compound has more moving parts, which means more can go wrong. HANDLING Because there’s more weight toward the limbs of a compound, some shooters find them front-heavy and less comfortable to hold and shoot. And when manufacturers want to increase the speed on a compound, they typically lengthen the barrel to increase the power stroke, which places even more weight away from the body of the shooter and makes the bow more cumbersome. Read more

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