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Book Overview :

What do you do when you find out your perfectly blessed life is a lie? This is what happens when Christmas Eve Fuller finds out that not only is her husband a cheater, that he also has been pocketing offerings from the church for years.Desmond Fuller is a man with a plan. He knew that having his own church was a sure fire way to have some free money in his pocket. He just never knew it could be so easy. With two beautiful young women in his life, he had it made. Or so he thought.Titan Morse is Desmonds assistant pastor and in love with Christmas. She is everything a man of God would want in a wife and he knows that Desmond is more like the devil. When he uncovers all of Desmonds secrets, will he use them to his advantage or will he let God have the final say?Milan Minor is young, sexy and too hot for her own good. She wants Desmond to herself and all the money she knows he has. She wants to go from side piece to first lady in two point five seconds and is taking no prisoners. Will she get everything that she feels she is entitled to? Or will her dream become her nightmare?Find out what happens when you try to play God for a fool and make up our own rules by pimpin the pulpit.